• Whether you are in your house, car, SUV, truck, minivan or on your motorcycle, ATV or bicycle this high quality octopus straps set will meet your travel and cargo storage needs;

    • They are useful on the road, at work, and at home – Secure your camping gear to your roof rack - Keep that extra motorcycle helmet in place while riding – Organize all of those loose power cords at the office – Create a makeshift clothing line in a snap – Keep the garbage can lid in your yard on a windy day - The possibilities are limitless

    • Octopus straps are made of premium materials and are designed with your needs in mind – Made with rubber and latex, making them twice as strong as regular rubber bungee cords – Cord hooks are covered with UV resistant plastic to increase the life of the product and protect your personal belongings from unwanted scratches

bungee cord carabiner
bungee cord connectors
bungee cord bukkit

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